Kaylee Dobson heads to 2019 US National Championships



Photo Credit: R. Tencati

In 2017, Kaylee Dobson was training full time, doing double jumps and placing fairly well at local competitions at the Juvenile level. Although Kaylee was very talented and loved skating; she wasn’t focused on achieving competitive results outside of local competitions.  She didn’t even realize it was an option for her. 

In March of 2018, Kaylee’s family decided to sign her up for the Grassroots to Champions seminar at their home rink in Indian Trail, NC.  They did not realize that this seminar would change Kaylee’s entire outlook on competitive skating.  The G2C seminar helped Kaylee to focus on bigger goals including qualifying for sectionals & now the National Championships.  Kaylee landed her first double axel during the seminar.  The G2C seminar was a critical turning point for Kaylee and her family. G2C gave her the confidence and guidance to look beyond local competitions. 

With the help of G2C founder Audrey Weisiger and Kaylee’s mom (Jennifer Dobson) they decided to revamp Kaylee’s coaching team to help her achieve her new and bigger goals. Kaylee needed a team of coaches who were willing to collaborate with one another.

Kaylee trains with Andrey Kyforenko and Mathew Gates in Indian Trail, NC at Extreme Ice Center.  Both Andrey and Mathew work in collaboration with G2C’s Audrey Weisiger as a mentor.  Kaylee also works with Tommy Steenberg via E-lessons while training in NC.

Jennifer (Kaylee’s mom) has four children.  Kaylee (age 12) Kaycee (age 4) Charlie (age 2.5) and Kaydee (age 3 months)

Jennifer’s due date was during the 2019 South Atlantic Regional Championships, so it was decided that Kaylee would compete out of Eastern Great Lakes Region since their regionals took place at a later date.  Jennifer ended up driving Kaylee to Michigan for Regionals (right after child birth and with her brand new baby in tow!) Thankfully, it was worth it. Kaylee ended up winning Regionals in Juvenile with and a clean skate and landed two double axels. She scored 59.16 points (17+ point improvement since revamping her coaching team)

In November, the Dobson’s drove to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for Sectionals. Kaylee skated first in her event at Midwestern sectionals and placed 3rd overall with 54.52 points.

Jennifer ensures that Kaylee regularly travels to see Audrey and Tommy for input and guidance.  Both of Kaylee‘s coaches (Andrey Kyforenko & Mathew Gates) communicate on a regular basis with Audrey and Tommy to strategize towards her training and development.  Jennifer drives Kaylee to Northern VA on a regular basis.  Each commute from NC to Northern VA is about a 7 hour drive.  Jennifer has put over 40,000 miles on her odometer! As most parents can imagine, long drives are no easy feat with four young children!   Jennifer believes in Kaylee, and is doing everything within her power to help her achieve her dream.

The Dobson’s plan to drive to Detroit, MI in Mid January for US Nationals.  However, it’s very clear that Kaylee has the potential to medal at her very first national championships, in a very competitive field of skaters.  Kaylee is very excited to be competing at her first national championships in Detroit. One year ago, she would never have imagined where she is today!

Published: January 2019.

More Info on Grassroots to Champions: grassrootstochampions.com