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"Take your skating to the NEXT level!"


This semi-private lesson is geared toward the aspiring figure skater who wants more individualized attention to accelerate his/her progress.  Elite Skating Academy lessons are conducted on freestyle ice time, which allows the skaters use of the full ice surface.  ESA lessons are coached by experienced & World Class coaching staff. Set up includes: 30 minute lessons with no more than 4 skaters per coach. Plus, a 30 minute off-ice strength conditioning class specifically tailored for figure skating. 

ESA Lessons can be used to supplement LTS classes, or used as a bridge into more serious skating (starting to compete, testing, shows, etc) Skill levels range from approximately basic 3 into more advanced levels. Skaters are grouped with equally matched skaters, and progress to more difficult skills/elements at their own pace. Skaters also have the option to earn LTS badges or usfs tests at their own pace (upon request)  


*Open to all skaters ages 5-12 years old.  Scholarships available for boys ages 5-12 years old.  


ESA Includes:

-1 Hour of instruction

-30min semi-private lesson

-30 min strength/conditioning class for figure skaters.

Freestyle sticker required for each lesson (separate from lesson fees, purchase at front desk)

Free Public Session included on the day of the lesson for practice time.


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