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**Pay.  Invoice will be emailed after sign up is complete.


Lesson dates include 1 semi-private on-ice lesson and 1 off ice strength class per each date. 

(freestyle sticker not included -- please purchase freestyle stickers/passes at the front desk)

Free public skating passes given to participants for practice time.  Passes will be added to your Extreme Ice Center account.

Open to all skaters (Recommended ages 5-11 years old.  Exceptions apply.  Please speak to director with regards to exceptions.)

Scholarships available for boys ages 5-11 years old.

*If you know you can not make it for ONE of the lesson dates- please let the ESA director know in advance and we can possibly prorate the price accordingly.  We can only prorate for one date.

*Please let us know if you will be absent, this helps us formulate the groupings.

*NO REFUNDS at this time.  Make ups only available upon request if space permits.  Lessons have been full lately so there may not be space for make ups.  

*New skaters:  It is expected that skaters have their own skates by week 4.  No rental skates after week 4 please.  Please speak to one of your coaches with regards to choosing appropriate skates.  Proper equipment is essental for progression.  The rink's proshop (Redmond's corner -- Owner is Matt Redmond) is very knowledgable and can help you select the right skates for your child. They have many afforable and high quality options. 


Questions?  or call/text  860-989-8761

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