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Choose a Coach

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Interested in private lessons? Your first step should be to choose a primary coach for your skater.  Consider your child's goals in skating and review the prospective coach's resume.  Extreme Ice Center supports recreational through elite level programming.  A handful of our coaches are World, Olympic, International and US National level coaches and former athletes themselves.  Be sure to check their resume and accomplishments to ensure that they are a good fit for your child's training goals.

Now that you have a Primary Coach and are developing in your skating, you may want more in your schedule, learning, and growth of your athlete.

First, establishing your private lesson coach and making sure you identify them as your Primary Coach is very important.   The role of the Primary Coach is to lead the organization, development, testing requirements, competition attendance, planning for your athlete, and so much more.   Keep in mind that having a Primary to manage your skater’s pathway is important to your skater's success.  Our Coaching Staff support multiple coaches on a skater’s team under the direction of the primary coach/primary coaches.

Keep in mind that coaches usually give lesson time priority to their primary skaters first.


Each skater's coaching team may be unique to their needs.  Some skaters have a dual head coach - one for organization and support and one for training and technical guidance. These coaches can work together to help your skater achieve their goals.  

Handled correctly, multiple coaches on your team is an asset for your skater – but let this be a directive from your Primary Coach on when it is time, who to work with, how it will work in your schedule, etc – remember that independent practice time is still critical to development and problem solving for your skater. It is important to carve practice time into your skater’s schedule.   Your Primary Coach works with other coaches in our facility and are ready to add in critical learning pieces, or specialization in certain areas (moves in the field, spins, skating skills, choreography, etc)  but it is important that you do not take this venture on yourself.  If your skater is working with another coach and there is not awareness or communication, then this can be working against the alignment of the plan, or be giving conflicting technique.


In short, communication is key. If your schedule, budget, and energy are ready for more and your coach has not yet suggested it, then ask your Primary Coach for additional lesson options.  You should always go to your primary coach first for direction and all recommendations.  Sometimes they will be ready for that to take place – however, other times it may be too soon and too many voices can be confusing for a young/new skater.


We are excited that your skater has moved on to the next level of their skating! ESA, Extreme Ice Center and Elite Training Team Coaches are ready to help you navigate your path –

Please be sure to communicate with your Primary Coach/team of coaches and ask questions along the way.



Happy Skating!

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