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What is the difference between rental skates and owning my own pair of skates?

Rental skates are introductory skates.  If you plan on learning any skills that require turning, maneuvering or spinning - then it is necessary to have the correct equipment for safety and practical purposes.  Owning your own skates give you the ability to learn more advanced skills.  As ESA is a program designed for accelerated progress, we require our skaters to acquire their own skates by week 6.  The sooner the better.

Thankfully, we have high quality affordable options available to us.....


Redmond's Corner


Specially priced boot/blade packages available for ESA skaters.  Please see packages below.   Available for purchase at Redmond's Corner Pro Shop inside Extreme Ice Center.  Professional Sizing and measurement available at no extra price.  Stop in today!


Jackson Brand

Option 1: Gold - Debut ($349) with Legacy blade ($299)

Option 2: Silver - Freestyle ($309)

Option 3: Bronze - Evo ($239)


Risport Brand

Option 1: Gold - RF3 ($479) with Coronation Ace lite ($299)

Option 2: Silver - Electra ($289) with Galaxy blade ($129)

Option 3. Bronze - Scott Hamilton ($189)


(704) 882-1830

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